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Automated chat to spreadsheet conversion.
Generated by ChatGPT

Botsheets is an AI tool that helps turn chats into spreadsheets automatically. With Botsheets Writer, users can connect their customer messaging channels to a Google Sheet and use sheet column headers to tell the AI what data to collect.

The AI will automatically find actionable data from customer conversations and write it to a Google Sheet. This saves time and effort by eliminating manual sifting through chat transcripts, which can be tedious and prone to error.

The tool is ideal for lead generation, as even a single message can unlock a wealth of actionable data that can be extracted and stored. Botsheets makes it easy to streamline support by turning unstructured support requests into structured data that makes it easier to resolve issues faster.

It also helps users identify patterns and trends in customer experience by using smart prompts like "Sentiment" to capture positive or negative sentiment from customers.

Overall, Botsheets is a valuable tool for anyone who uses spreadsheets and communicates with customers. It takes only two minutes to set up and works immediately without any code.

Users can sign up for a free forever plan, and there are also paid plans available with additional features.


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Pros and Cons


Automated chat to spreadsheet conversion
Effortless lead generation
Structured data from unstructured requests
Instant set-up
No coding required
Free forever plan available
Paid plans with extra features
Supports sentiment analysis
Ideal for customer support
Connects to customer messaging channels
Data collection according to user preference
Helps identify patterns and trends
Automates data extraction
Quick data writing capability
Facilitates visualization via charts/graphs
Good user reviews
Fast and precise customer support
Easily adaptable to different niches


Only integrates with Google Sheets
No real-time collaboration
Lack of advanced analytics
Relies upon column headers
Limited customer support
Relies on specific phrasing
No multi-language support
Limited extraction capabilities
No API for customization
No sentiment intensity measure


What is Botsheets?
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What are the main features of Botsheets?
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What kind of data can Botsheets Writer collect?
How can Botsheets streamline support requests?
Can Botsheets help in sentiment analysis?
How can Botsheets help identify trends in customer experience?
Is coding knowledge needed to use Botsheets?
How long does it take to set up Botsheets?
What are the different plans provided by Botsheets?
Is there a free version of Botsheets available?
How to set up customer messaging channels with Botsheets?
What's the purpose of column headers in Botsheets?
How does Botsheets extract actionable data from customer conversations?
Can Botsheets help automate lead generation?
Can Botsheets save time in collecting data?
What is 'sentiment' smart prompt in Botsheets?
Is it possible to generate charts and graphs from Botsheets data?
Where can I get support if I have difficulty using Botsheets?


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