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Your new personal data analyst for spreadsheets.
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ChatCSV is a data analysis tool that provides users a conversational interface to their CSV documents. It transforms your spreadsheets into an 'Ask Me Anything' environment, allowing you to inquire information directly from your data.

Once a CSV is uploaded, it generates common questions about your data as a kick-off point for your analysis.ChatCSV contains several features designed to assist in data query tasks.

In addition to its interactive chat, it offers visual data representation through various chart types in response to your questions. Chat history enables users to track their conversations for future reference, and even rename, delete or share them.

The platform offers flexible file input, accepting CSV uploads from your computer, URL or even your clipboard.While ChatCSV is fundamentally useful for any sector that requires data analysis, it proves especially beneficial for industries such as retail and e-commerce, finance and banking, as well as marketing and advertising.

By facilitating easy interpretation of trends, transactions, customer demographics and more, it can serve as a valuable tool in making informed decisions based on clear, immediate insights from your data.ChatCSV is a part of the Flatfile family.

However, details about any specific changes or service disruptions due to this association are not disclosed. Despite suggestive user testimonials, it's recommended to explore the tool and experience its features and functionalities personally to best assess its suitability for your specific needs.


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Pros and Cons


Processes CSV from computer
Processes CSV from URLs
Clipboard CSV support
Generates common questions
Provides visual responses
Tracks conversation history
Allows renaming of discussions
Allows deleting of discussions
Discussion sharing feature
Suits multiple industries
Helpful for trend understanding
Useful for customer behavior analysis
Facilitates inventory management
Fundamental for financial transactions
Helps campaign analysis
Facilitates customer demographic insights
Helps in market research
Interactive chat interface
Visual data representation
Flexible file input
Proactive data query assistance
Supports easy data interpretation
Free plan available
Flexible subscription plan
Allows data exploration
Available demo
Retail and eCommerce optimization
Finance and banking optimization
Marketing and advertising optimization
User-friendly interface
CSV Q&A capability
Kick-off point for analysis
Conversation tracking for reference
Upload from multiple sources


Limited to CSV files
No API disclosed
Unclear white-label options
No real-time data updates
Potential service disruptions unmentioned
Single-user oriented
No data sources integration
No live support mentioned


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Who is ChatCSV's parent company and what does it mean for ChatCSV's services?
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