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Use AI to save hours on repetitive spreadsheet tasks.
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SheetSavvy AI is an artificial-intelligence-powered tool designed to enhance and automatize spreadsheet workflows. It is designed to help users save time on repetitive tasks such as data categorizing, extraction, text writing, and cleaning.

This tool enables users to convert text prompts into formulas, simplifies the explanation of complex and simple formulas, and generates scripts to streamline processes.

SheetSavvy AI is compatible with popular spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, allowing users to work directly in their spreadsheets without the need for external applications.

One of its key features is AI-powered formulas, which instantly transforms text prompts into complex spreadsheet formulas. Moreover, its simplified explanations make it easier for users, regardless of their skill level, to understand both simple and intricate spreadsheet formulas.

SheetSavvy AI also facilitates real-time data importing from preferred tools and enables the creation of scripts to enhance and automate spreadsheet workflows efficiently.

Flexible and adaptable, it proves to be a beneficial tool for both individuals and businesses looking to optimize their spreadsheet processes.


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SheetSavvy AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automatizes spreadsheet workflows
Saves time on repetitive tasks
Converts text prompts into formulas
Explains complex and simple formulas
Generates scripts to streamline processes
Compatible with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets
Works directly in spreadsheets
No need for external applications
Simple and intricate formula understanding
Real-time data importing
Script creation for automation
Flexible and adaptable
Ideal for individuals and businesses
Seamless integration
No Coding Required
Automatically import live data
Clear, understandable formula explanations
Popular among users
Direct installation from Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets
Available in Google Marketplace
Assists in data cleaning tasks
Categorize and extract data
Supports up to 1,0000 requests per month
Supports GPT-4
Unlimited data import in Ultimate Plan
Various pricing plans


Limited connectors on lower plans
Import row restrictions
No multi-language support
Limited to Excel and Sheets
Limited support on starter plan
Requests per month capped
Lacks custom integration options


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How does SheetSavvy AI explain complex and simple spreadsheet formulas?
Can SheetSavvy AI generate scripts?
Does SheetSavvy AI support real-time data import?
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What is the process to install SheetSavvy AI on Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel?
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Are there any restrictions on the imported data size in SheetSavvy AI?
How does SheetSavvy AI simplifies data extraction and categorization?
Can SheetSavvy AI import data from other tools?
How can SheetSavvy AI help in enhancing spreadsheet workflows?
How are the pricing plans of SheetSavvy AI structured?
Does SheetSavvy AI come with a trial version?


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