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ByDevin Doppler
Expert in all spreadsheet apps, delivering help on demand.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm SpreadSheet Wizard, here to assist with Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers. How can I help?
Sample prompts:
Guide me through creating a complex formula.
How do I interpret this data set in Excel?
I need help with conditional formatting.
Show me how to link data between sheets.
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SpreadSheet Wizard is a GPT designed to assist users with various spreadsheet applications, including MS Excel, Google Sheets, and Apple Numbers. It is a tool that answers queries and provides guidance on a wide range of spreadsheet-related tasks, taking the user from simple data entry to complex data manipulation, analysis, and visualization.

Whether you are a beginner needing help with basic functionalities or an advanced user looking to master complex formulas or data interpretation, this GPT is tailored to meet those needs.

It can also assist in creating templates upon request. In addition to one-off questions and guidance, the SpreadSheet Wizard can guide through various stages of a project like creating complex formulas, interpreting data sets, working with conditional formatting, linking data between sheets, and many other spreadsheet-related tasks.

It requires a ChatGPT Plus for operation. In essence, the SpreadSheet Wizard is a comprehensive assistant for any spreadsheet-related task, aimed at making users more effective and efficient in their data-related activities.


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