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A FREE AI assistant to help with excel formulas.
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Excel Bot AI assistant is a tool designed to assist users with Excel formulas. Its main functionality lies in converting formulas to text, and vice versa, aiming to streamline the process of managing and understanding complex Excel calculations.

The platform is intended to save time and increase efficiency for its users by automatizing laborious tasks. Apart from formula conversion, Excel Bot also supports Excel and Google Sheets, making it versatile for different spreadsheet software users.

Built by the Zigment AI team, Excel Bot is capable of customization, potentially spanning to various business needs beyond just spreadsheet management.

Apart from individual users, Excel Bot has garnered positive feedback from a substantial number of businesses, as it supports automation for sales, marketing and more.

This free AI assistant offers its services for a range of business types and sizes. Despite primarily being developed for Excel tasks, there are implications of it expanding its capabilities beyond, leaning towards being a comprehensive AI for business automation.

Please note that while it is free to use, there may be additional services or extended capacities that come with a cost.


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Pros and Cons


Supports Excel and Google Sheets
Converts formulas to text
Automates laborious tasks
Customizable for business needs
Supports business automation
Versatile for different businesses
Supports sales and marketing automation
Can understand complex calculations
Good for data analysis
Works for individuals and businesses
Free to use
Cost-effective extended services
High user rating
Excellent customer feedback
Potential for task expansion beyond Excel
Time-saving for spreadsheet tasks
Possible improvements in work efficiency
Supports business intelligence tasks


Limited to spreadsheets
No offline mode
No multiple language support
Advanced features not free
Limited to Excel, Google Sheets
Limited customization
No collaborative features


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