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Develop apps with spreadsheet assistance.
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Neptyne is an AI-powered app development platform that enables users to leverage spreadsheets and turn them into true app development platforms. It operates in the cloud, allowing users to collaborate with co-workers on code and spreadsheets in real-time and process data around the clock.

Neptyne is built on a Python-based computation engine, providing access to the full Python ecosystem, from importing data in myriad ways to using statistical analysis code authored by top scientists, and utilizing Jupyter notebooks' visualization features.

Neptyne also incorporates AI, which aids users in creating formulas and complicated calculations with ease and providing customizable data and tailor-made applications for teams.

Additionally, the platform enables users to import data from third-party sources to build business-critical AI-powered applications through robust data dashboards and visualizations.

Neptyne's developers, Jaison George, Douwe Osinga, and David Katz, are all experienced in software engineering and entrepreneurship. Overall, Neptyne's programmable spreadsheet technology offers users the ability to develop applications more efficiently, with Python and AI performance, to produce and maintain productionized data applications built from their legacy spreadsheets.


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Neptyne was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Cloud-based platform
Enables real-time collaboration
24/7 data processing
Python-based computation engine
Full Python ecosystem access
Jupyter notebooks' visualization features
Third-party data import
Customizable data
Tailor-made applications
Robust data dashboards
Data visualization
Legacy spreadsheet conversion
Python performance
Spreadsheets into applications
Auto-complete data feature
App development platform
Platform as a Service
Visual Basic Replacer
Scalable app development
Unlimited application possibilities
Good for Python learners
Consistent computation without stop
World monitoring apps
Business-critical applications
Built by experienced developers
App publication simplified
Powerful computation engine


Cloud-based only
No offline mode
Requires Python knowledge
No independence from spreadsheets
Limited third-party integrations
No mobile app
Complex for non-coders
Real-time collaboration issues
May have privacy concerns


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What is a Python-based computation engine?
Can Neptyne process data continuously?
How can I use Neptyne to develop apps?
Does Neptyne have visualization features?
Can Neptyne turn spreadsheets into app development platforms?
How does Neptyne's AI help in creating formulas and calculations?
Who are the developers behind Neptyne?
Can I customize data in Neptyne?
Is Neptyne a cloud-based platform?
How can I use Neptyne to build business-critical AI-powered applications?
How can Neptyne be used to supercharge spreadsheets?
What are some of the key features of Neptyne?
Can I use Neptyne for real-time collaboration on spreadsheets?
Is Neptyne's computation engine built on Python?


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