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Simplified language-based data analysis and reporting.
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Love Spreadsheets is an AI tool that helps users get data from their database using natural language. The tool supports more than 95 languages and allows users to connect their databases like MySQL and Postgres by providing the necessary information like database name, port, hostname, username, and password.

Once the database is connected, users can ask for any information they need in plain language and the tool will retrieve the data and send it to their Google Sheets automatically.

Love Spreadsheets also allows users to invite team members to collaborate on data analysis, making it a useful tool for teams working on data-driven projects.

The company behind the tool, Woyera Inc, offers several other products like API Spreadsheets, Merge Spreadsheets, Split Spreadsheets, and Clean Spreadsheets.Overall, Love Spreadsheets simplifies the process of retrieving data from databases and eliminates the need for writing complex SQL queries.

The tool can save time spent on data analysis and improve collaboration among team members working on data-driven projects.


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Pros and Cons


Supports 95+ languages
Easy database connectivity
Delivers data to Google Sheets
Team collaboration feature
Multiple database support (MySQL, Postgres)
Natural language data queries
Data analysis simplification
Minimizes need for SQL
In-built collaboration features
Related products available
Automated data retrieval
Easy integration with other tools


Only MySQL and Postgres supported
Requires database credentials
Only outputs to Google Sheets
Limited support hours
No API integration
JavaScript needed to run
No weekend tech support
Requires team members' email invitations
No native collaboration features


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