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Nexa is an AI-powered analytics platform designed to assist startups in understanding and gaining insights from their data. This tool allows users to interface with their data in a conversational style using natural language, eliminating the need for SQL or coding knowledge.

Nexa offers functionality to build Notion-like dashboards that can be shared, fostering collaboration and data transparency within teams. It provides direct integration capabilities with SQL databases and CSV files, facilitating seamless data import and integration.

Moreover, it communicates with many popular tools and apps, enhancing productivity through comprehensive solutions. The platform also provides a Developer API for custom integration, thus enabling development teams to tailor Nexa to the particular needs of the business.

With its feature of querying data directly from Slack, it presents insights quickly, boosting operational efficiency. Ultimately, Nexa aims to eliminate dependencies on data engineers and manual data analysis, providing a more streamlined and intuitive approach to data analytics.


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Nexa was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Conversational data interface
No SQL knowledge needed
Notion-like dashboards
Data shareability for collaboration
Data transparency features
SQL and CSV integration
Direct tool and app integration
Customizable with Developer API
Data querying from Slack
Quick insights presentation
Reduced data engineer dependency
Streamlined data analytics
150+ SaaS/database integrations
Extensive productivity enhancements
Unique approach for data insights
Designed for startups
Encourages team collaboration
Smooth data import
Facilitated data analysis
Broad compatibility with tools


Limited to SQL and CSV
Reliant on Slack integration
No live customer support
Targeted only for startups
Non-intuitive for non-English speakers

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