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Insights and analysis from live data.
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Babel Street is a data-to-knowledge platform that helps users discover, decipher, and uncover mission-critical insights in real-time. The platform offers several solutions such as Babel X, Babel Synthesis, Babel Channels, and Babel OASIS that allow users to analyze and optimize time-consuming and manual processes, map unknown relationships and key influencers, and curate real-time feeds of emerging situations around the world.

Additionally, their Rosette technology enables users to match, identify, discover, and understand multilingual text. Babel Street caters to both government and commercial clients, offering solutions such as global situational awareness, cyber security, insider threat detection, business continuity, and supply chain risk management.

The platform provides access to extensive, relevant, and accurate data processed in over 200 languages within its context. The platform is AI-enabled, uses patented linguistics technology, and offers end-to-end automation, making it unlike any other analytics tool.

Babel Street uses cross-lingual capabilities that remove global language barriers and a unique multi-lingual persistent search for actionable insights.

Users can also access a comprehensive range of sources across the digital universe powered by APIs that offer complete interoperability into existing systems.

Babel Street has decades of experience, serving the Fortune 5000, Department of Defense, and Public Sectors. It prides itself on providing best-in-class customer service while ensuring principled data stewardship.

Babel Street is a law enforcement tool that sharpens targeted operations for police departments facing up-ticks in violence and recruitment and retention issues.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time data analysis
Optimizes manual processes
Maps unknown relationships
Curates real-time global feeds
Understands multilingual text
Suitable for government/commercial use
Global situational awareness
Supply chain risk management
Cyber security solutions
Insider threat detection
Patented linguistics technology
Processes over 200 languages
Cross-lingual capabilities
Removes language barriers
Persistent multilingual search
Access to digital universe via APIs
Incorporates with existing systems
Best-in-class customer service
Principled data stewardship
Law enforcement operations tool
Automates and optimizes processes
Unprecedented source access
Unique multi- & cross-lingual search
Actionable insights
200+ languages processed in context
Documents burst-processed per second
Risk Decision Automation
End-to-end automation
Multi-lingual intent understanding
Powerful APIs and applications
Plug-and-play enriched data sets
Decades of industry experience
Targeted threat detection
Multidimensional actionable insights
Identifies key influencers
Match & discover multilingual text
Business continuity solutions
Public health awareness
Event & Venue Protection
Threat intelligence solutions
Increases analysis capabilities
Specialized solutions for various sectors
Constant contextually accurate processing
Auto detection of threats, fraud, abuse
Adapts to varied data volume and velocity
Aids in confident decisions
Improved operational performance
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Market Sentiment Analysis
Achieves consistency in analysis 24/7


Primarily for government/commercial sector
Lack of privacy controls
Potential over-reliance on automation
Not suitable for individuals
Comprehensive data analysis may overload
Limited predictive capabilities
Catered towards law enforcement
Complexity for novice users
May not support all languages
Unspecified processing speed


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