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Brand trends and insights identification.
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Trend Hunter AI is a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance the trend library and research capabilities of Trend Hunter. It offers an extensive database of ideas and innovations, with a large number of inspiring examples.

The tool also provides AI-powered Trend Reports that deliver better and faster insights to over 1,165 brands. Trend Hunter AI offers a weekly newsletter that keeps subscribers informed about the latest trends and insights, with 331,253 subscribers currently relying on it.

It also offers resources and guidance on hunting megatrends, ideas, patterns, and opportunities. In addition, Trend Hunter AI provides consumer insights through exclusive PRO research, uncovering major shifts and emerging opportunities.

The tool offers customized trend reports, presentations, and deep dives, which are 20 times faster than traditional research methods. It also provides advisory services, including award-winning programs and research, to accelerate innovation and ignite disruptive thinking.

Trend Hunter AI offers self-serve tools, dedicated programs, and free consultations to help users get started. It also provides access to innovation strategy articles, keynote videos, and tools to inspire and assist users.

The tool covers a wide range of services, including innovation assessments, custom training and events, masterclasses, and online eLearning courses. Users can also connect with the Trend Hunter community and explore career opportunities with Trend Hunter.

Overall, Trend Hunter AI leverages AI technology to provide a comprehensive and efficient platform for trend research and consumer insights.


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Trend Hunter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Extensive database of ideas
Weekly newsletter
Large subscription base
Guidance in hunting megatrends
Exclusive PRO research
Customized trend reports
Faster research methods
Advisory services
Self-serve tools
Innovation strategy articles
Keynote videos
Innovation assessments
Custom training and events
eLearning courses
Community and career opportunities
Data analytics
Brand trends and insights identification
Innovation strategy resources
Offers inspiration
Customized presentations
Dedicated programs
Free consultations
Consumer insights data
Megatrends research
Interactive Trend Hunter community
Access to innovation articles
Access to business strategy tools
Online innovation courses
330,000+ growing subscribers
Accelerates research process
Mastered hunting megatrends
Facilitates innovation and disruptive thinking
Innovation strategy awards
Customized client experiences
Semantic search integrations
Comprehensive library of consumer insights
Custom research and advisory services


Lacks sentiment analysis
No API integration
Irrelevant content curation
No competitor tracking
Overwhelming database for newcomers
Lacks specific trend selection
No real-time updates
No user feedback opportunities
No free trial available
Limited training resources


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What self-serve tools does Trend Hunter AI provide?
How can users start with Trend Hunter AI?
What training resources does Trend Hunter AI offer?
Can I connect with other users on Trend Hunter AI?
Are there career opportunities with Trend Hunter AI?
What does the AI technology specifically add to the trend research capabilities of Trend Hunter AI?
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How is Trend Hunter AI beneficial for businesses in trend spotting and innovation?
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What is the data source that Trend Hunter AI uses?
Can Trend Hunter AI assist in creating customized trend reports?

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