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ByDave Edwards
Analysing historic and recent house price data for insightful analysis.
Sample prompts:
How have house prices changed over the last 5 years in Jersey?
Can you forecast the housing market trend in Jersey for the next year?
What parish sold the most properties in 2023?
What is the latest house price trend?
What was the average price across all house categoies?
Show me a chart comparing avergae earning increase versus average house price (on 2 seperate axis)
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Jersey Housing Insight is a GPT that focuses on assessing and interpreting historic and recent house price and economic data, such as the Retail Price Index (RPI) and earnings, to provide valuable insights and analysis.

It leverages the power of automation and machine learning to accurately analyze real estate trends, making it a suitable tool for individuals interested in the housing market in Jersey.

Because it incorporates different metrics like RPI and earnings in its algorithms, it can provide contextually rich and insightful overviews. Users may ask it specific questions like recent changes in house prices over specific periods, forecast housing market trends for the coming year, most popular parishes for selling properties in a certain year, recent house price trends, average house prices across all categories, and graphical comparisons of variations in average earnings and average house prices.

The ability of this GPT to interpret considerable amounts of data and produce relevant, tailored information makes it a reliable resource for anyone needing detailed and informed housing market insights.

It should be noted that using Jersey Housing Insight requires ChatGPT Plus.


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Jersey Housing Insight was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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