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Extract actionable insights from customer interactions at scale.
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Dashbot is an AI-powered Conversational Data Platform designed to extract actionable insights from customer interactions at scale. It serves as a strategic tool in transforming multi-channel conversational data to drive better customer experiences for a diverse range of use cases.

Dashbot unifies siloed data sources across a whole organization, pulling insights from dark data and customer surveys or fashioning existing conversational data to enhance chatbot performance.

It serves as a central hub, converting unstructured conversational data into a unified, actionable format for the whole organization. The platform comes equipped with no-code automation tools to facilitate data exploration and extraction of insights, allowing teams to focus on data-driven actions for organizational improvement.

Dashbot enables visualization of the full multichannel customer journey by integrating customer experience channels, thereby enhancing user experience optimization.

It is used across various industries by customer experience teams, conversational AI teams, and digital teams to drive data-fueled improvements. It helps users leverage a data-first strategy and accelerate innovation by optimizing Natural Language Processing data models using its advanced Machine Learning capabilities.

The platform also enables enrichment of Customer Experience and Employee Experience for limitless possibilities in conversational AI.


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Dashbot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Extracts actionable insights
Transforms multi-channel conversational data
Unifies siloed data sources
Enhances chatbot performance
No-code automation tools
Data-driven organizational improvement
Visualized multichannel customer journey
Optimizes Natural Language Processing
Enriches Customer and Employee Experience
Accelerates innovation
Unified view of data
Fast access to actionable data
Used across various industries
Central data hub
Comprehends dark data
Surveys' deep analytics
CX channels integration
Cross-departmental collaborations supported
Conversational data platform
Facilitates data exploration
Trusted by innovators
Omni-channel data approach
Can handle 100BN+ messages
Handles 25K+ data sources
Automates data organization
Transforms unstructured data
Structures conversational data
Advanced machine learning capabilities
Customizable dashboards
Out of the box reports
Data source integration
Raw data file support
Asynchronous and non-blocking API
Live-agent conversations support
Raw conversational data support
Supportive expert consultations
User experience optimization
Facilitates data-first strategy
Low-code business-user-friendly experience
Massive data processing capabilities
Enables survey feedback analytics
Plug-n-play with multiple tools
Connects all data silos
Faster time to market
Drives CX and EX growth
Drives operational efficiencies
Installs from CDN
Personalized data exploration
Supports code documentation


Doesn't detail security measures
No specific industry specialization
Lacks transparent pricing information
Dependent on external data sources
No mobile application mentioned
Lacks multilingual support
Doesn't support all data formats
No personalized training mentioned
Undefined process for error handling
Doesn't state GDPR compliance


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How can Dashbot accelerate innovation?
How does Dashbot optimize Natural Language Processing data models?
What are the advanced Machine Learning capabilities of Dashbot?
How does Dashbot enrich Customer Experience and Employee Experience?
Why is Dashbot considered a strategic asset?
What does it mean to have a data-first strategy with Dashbot?
What kind of improvements can be driven by Dashbot?
Is Dashbot suitable for digital teams?
How does Dashbot facilitate data-driven actions for organizational improvement?
What are the possibilities of conversational AI with Dashbot?

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