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Sample prompts:
Draft an abstract outline for new online learning platform used to teach psychiatry clerkship students.
Identify potential biases in this study.
Find publications on treament modalities for PTSD
Summarize new critical psychiatry research findings
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Research Sherlock is a GPT designed to assist users in various aspects of research work. It works by aiding in the drafting of project outlines, reviewing research articles, and by taking on tasks related to data analysis.

One of the key features of this AI-driven tool is its ability to generate an abstract outline for newly identified research areas or topics. This can be of immense help while initiating a new project or while teaching new concepts.

Research Sherlock can also be deployed to identify potential biases in a study, and this feature can be instrumental in ensuring the objectivity and relevance of research.

Another noteworthy function of the GPT is its aptitude to locate relevant publications on specific subjects, such as treatment methods for PTSD, thereby proving to be a helpful aid in literature review.

The tool is also adept at summarizing new research findings in critical psychiatry or other fields, thus helping users stay abreast of recent advancements or changes in specific research spheres.

However, it's crucial to note that Research Sherlock should not be used for clinical decision making and any information provided by this tool should be thoroughly verified, as it may potentially produce errors.


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