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Reliable info finder and essay drafter assistant.
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Assistant by scite is an AI-powered research tool that helps users find research-backed answers to questions, collaborate on essays or research papers, and gather supporting and contrasting evidence.

The tool allows users to search through millions of research articles to find reliable information and to draft essays or grants. Users can type simple questions and receive answers based on the full-text of research papers.

They can also write essays, grants, or paragraphs with the tool's assistance after inputting the prompt. Assistant by scite also helps users to effectively use information from research articles to support their research tasks.

Users can search for competing evidence or summaries from related sources to expand on their research. The tool's website also mentions the ability for users to customize their settings and reject unnecessary cookies.

Overall, Assistant by scite is a useful tool for researchers or students who need reliable research-backed information, easy access to research articles, and guidance on drafting essays or research papers.


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Jan 19, 2024
A very useful tool

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Pros and Cons


Finds research-backed answers
Collaborates on essays
Provides supporting and contrasting evidence
Searches through millions of articles
Drafts essays or grants
Receives answers from full-text articles
Uncovers summaries from related sources
Allows customization of settings
Option to reject unnecessary cookies
Assists in drafting research papers
Helps use research article information
Can find competing evidence
Accessibility to a vast database
Enables asking simple questions
Data privacy awareness
Searches for specific sources
Installable as browser extension
Offers a trial version
Provides summaries of complex information


Limited customization settings
Absence of mobile app
No peer review feature
Limited language support
Requires internet connection
Not useful for non-academics
Reliability of sources unclear


What is Assistant by scite?
How can Assistant by scite help with academic research?
How does assistant by scite answer user queries?
What sort of texts can Assistant by scite help me draft?
Does Assistant by scite assist in finding both supporting and contrasting evidence in research?
Can Assistant by scite sift through related research papers to find summaries?
What sort of information does Assistant by scite search through to find answers?
Can Assistant by scite help me write an essay or research paper?
Can Assistant by scite aid in writing a grant proposal?
Can Assistant by scite summarize research articles?
Does Assistant by scite have an extension for easier access?
How does Assistant by scite use cookies?
How many research articles can Assistant by scite access?
What options does Assistant by scite provide for customizing settings?
Is Assistant by scite helpful for both students and researchers?
Can Assistant by scite provide evidence from multiple perspectives for a piece of research?
How reliable is the information provided by Assistant by scite?
Can Assistant by scite reject unnecessary cookies?
Is Assistant by scite a free tool?
Do I need to sign up for using Assistant by scite?

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