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Sourcely is an AI-powered literature sourcing web application that employs advanced natural language processing techniques to identify and retrieve relevant informational texts based on the user's input.

It streamlines the process of finding information from various sources, saving time and effort for students, researchers, and professionals who require ample information for their projects.

The service is user-friendly and simple to use, making it accessible to anyone. The platform offers the ability to filter sources based on the year of publication, minimum citations, and more.

Through its powerful AI algorithms, Sourcely provides a variety of pricing options, including a free basic plan with limited capabilities, as well as paid plans that offer more comprehensive services.

Sourcely's unique advantage lies in its capability to understand the context of the user's text and find related sources with the highest relevance and reliability.

Though the service only supports the English language, Sourcely's AI continually improves its algorithms to provide the most accurate and relevant sources to its users.

Sourcely is developed by a small business founded by college students who understand the challenges that come with academic writing and journalism, particularly when it comes to referencing sources.

As such, the platform aims to provide exceptional customer service and a top-notch product, continually enhancing and updating Sourcely to meet the evolving needs of its users.


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Sourcely was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Advanced natural language processing
Contextual source identification
Filters for source relevance
Time and effort saving
Simple to use interface
Variety of pricing options
Free basic plan available
Feedback-responsive updates
Founded by college students
Understanding of academic challenges
Exceptional customer service
Real time referencing
Helpful for academic writing
Helpful for journalism
Frequently updated for improvements
Ideal for students, researchers
Sources from largest dataset
Improves writing credibility, quality
Instant results delivery
Ensures highest accuracy level
English language support
Dedicated customer support team


Only supports English
Limited capabilities on free plan
No app version
Filtering options could be broader
No cited by filter
Small developer team
Dependent on internet connection
Limited customer support channels
May struggle with complex inputs
Not open-source


What is Sourcely?
How does Sourcely work?
Who can use Sourcely?
What are the pricing options for using Sourcely?
What makes Sourcely different from other source referencing tools?
Is Sourcely easy to use?
How quickly can I get results with Sourcely?
How accurate is Sourcely?
Can Sourcely be used with languages other than English?
Does Sourcely offer customer support?
What are the filtering options available in Sourcely?
What are the limitations of the free basic plan of Sourcely?
What are the benefits of paid plans of Sourcely?
How does Sourcely ensure the relevancy and reliability of sources?
What improvements can I expect from the ongoing updates in Sourcely?
Who founded Sourcely and why?
How does Sourcely handle real-time referencing?
Can Sourcely be used for academic and professional projects?
How does Sourcely's AI improve its algorithms over time?
How does Sourcely aid in academic writing and journalism?


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