Extracts article information for research summaries.

Generated by ChatGPT

Genei is an AI-powered research and summarization tool designed to help users improve productivity by quickly extracting key information from articles, analyzing research, and summarizing articles.

It utilizes a custom AI algorithm to process and summarize content. The tool is part of Y-Combinator, a US startup accelerator, and was recently named among Tech Crunch's favorite startups of summer 2021.

It also won a prize in the prestigious “AllInnovate” startup competition at Oxford University. Genei provides users with a range of features such as document management, file storage, annotation capabilities, citation management, reference generator, and export functionality.

In addition, it features AI-generated summaries for any article or research paper, keyword extraction for any group of PDFs or webpages, and a Chrome extension add-on for summarizing webpages or saving them for later reading.

It also offers a more powerful Pro version with 70% higher quality AI, access to GPT3, multi-document summarization, search, and question answering, as well as rephrasing and paraphrasing functionality.

The tool is trusted by thought leaders, experts, and thousands of users worldwide. It has received positive feedback from users who claim it enables them to work more productively and find greater answers and insights from their work.

It also helps to save time by paraphrasing complex ideas and enabling them to find crucial information faster.

Genei was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quickly extracts key information
Analyzes research efficiently
Effective summarization of articles
Document management feature
File storage system
Annotation capabilities
Citation management feature
Reference generator tool
Export functionality available
Keyword extraction for PDFs
Keyword extraction for webpages
Compatible Chrome extension
Saves webpages for later
High quality Pro version
Access to GPT3
Multi-document summarization
Search and question answering
Rephrasing functionality
Paraphrasing feature
Trusted by experts
Enables productive work
Aids in finding insights
Time saving tool
Paraphrases complex ideas


Expensive Pro version
Limited to English
Dependency on internet connectivity
Limited multi-document summarizing
No offline access
No mobile app
Potential data privacy issues
Lack explicit accuracy measure


What is Genei?
How does Genei work?
What specific features does Genei offer?
What's the difference between Genei's basic and pro versions?
What is the quality difference in AI between Genei's basic and pro versions?
Does Genei have a Chrome extension add-on?
What does the Chrome extension add-on do?
What are some key benefits of using Genei according to user feedback?
How does Genei help in improving productivity?
What is the role of Genei in document management and file storage?
What annotation capabilities does Genei provide?
How does the citation management and reference generating function of Genei operate?
How can I export data from Genei?
What is Genei's method of summarizing articles?
Which AI algorithm does Genei use in summarizing articles?
What is multi-document summarization in Genei pro?
How does the rephrasing and paraphrasing functionality in Genei work?
Can Genei assist in academic and professional writing?
How effective is Genei's keyword extraction tool in optimizing article content?
How does Genei's AI find answers to users' questions?

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