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Platform for large language models dev.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that provides a front end for AI development and integration, allowing teams to build, test, and integrate prompts that power their AI products with minimal code and no AI expertise required.

With access to large language models like GPT3, users can instantly integrate generative AI functionality that 'just works', without going through the process of training their own models. also offers a single API that grants access to the world's best AI models, allowing users to find the model that fits their use case, and fail gracefully between models if one goes down.

Users can optimize costs across models and even host their own open source model. The tool is designed to simplify AI product development by providing helpful features such as creating, managing, and collaborating on AI prompts, testing prompts and models with real user data and test simulations, and logging and monitoring the performance of AI features. also offers various use cases for generative AI, such as generating customized website templates, personalized sales outreach, SEO-optimized content drafting, auto-summarized conversations, and others.

With, users can develop and maintain AI features like a mature product development team, building AI products that delight users and optimize business value.


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Pros and Cons


Access to large language models
Single API access to models
Option to host open-source model
Prompt creation, testing, and collaboration
Testing with real user data
Performance logging and monitoring
Optimizing costs across models
Graceful failover between models
Generate customized website templates
SEO-optimized content drafting
Auto-summation of conversations
Manages load, uptime, and cost
Generates feedback loop with tagging
End-user feedback integration
Product metric tracking and optimization
Assisted performance reviews
Auto-generated content outlines
Marketing content idea generation
Survey questions suggestion
User-personalized type-ahead experience
Job description generator
Assisted help desk
Structured open-ended feedback


No offline functionality
Requires constant internet connection
No model training capability
No native mobile app support
No support for non-English languages
Dependency on third-party models
No clear security measures
Limited API functionality


What is
How does work?
What are the key features of
Do I need AI expertise to use
What is the API provided by
Can I test models with real user data on
What language models does support?
Can be used for SEO optimized content drafting?
Is it possible to host my own open source model on
What are the use cases for generative AI on
How can help in generating personalized outreach?
How does simplify AI product development?
What kind of AI products can I build with
What does 'failing gracefully' between models mean in the context of
Can be used to auto-summarize conversations?
How does help optimize costs across models?
Does provide features for logging and monitoring the performance of AI?
Can I collaborate on AI prompts using
What does it mean to 'inject relevant context from your product for better output' in
How can I use to personalize type-ahead experiences?

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