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Generate insights from user interviews, fast.
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Hellooo is an AI-powered software designed to enhance and streamline user interviews. It functions as an all-in-one platform allowing users to record, transcribe, analyze, and glean insights from multiple user interviews.

Trustworthy and used by user-centric companies, the software offers features that include timestamped notes, transcript generation, clip creation, emotional analysis, and insight generation.

With AI capabilities, Hellooo excels in transcribing interviews, even catering to a variety of languages across accents and dialects, ensuring that the key points and highlights of the discussion are swiftly and accurately captured.

The software goes beyond simple transcription, conducting an emotional analysis of user interviews to provide insight into user sentiments and emotions at every point.

This data-driven emotional feedback can help in understanding user engagement with the product. Further, Hellooo leverages features for qualitative data analysis, enabling users to identify patterns and trends across several interviews quickly.

Loved by product designers, managers, and UX researchers, Hellooo cultivates a simplified and streamlined user interview process that leads to clear, actionable data.

It enables users to stay focused on the interviews and the insights rather than getting caught up in the process of information collection and analysis.


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Hellooo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 14th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


All-in-one user interview platform
Record, transcribe, analyze interviews
Generates insights from interviews
Timestamped notes feature
Transcript generation
Clip creation function
Emotional analysis capability
Insight generation mechanism
Supports multiple languages
Accommodates accents and dialects
Swift, accurate transcription
User sentiment analysis
Qualitative data analysis
Identifies patterns and trends
Clear, actionable data output
Saves time on interviews
Simplifies user interview process
Popular with UX researchers
Helps understand user engagement
Superior transcript quality
Emotionally-intelligent interview analysis
Personal researcher for interviews
Factual analysis of sentiments
Generates insights across interviews
Quick analysis for pattern identification
Multi-purpose tool for product people
Enhances discovery presentations
Speeds up decision-making process
Promotes team collaboration
Quick transcription turnaround
Data generated in minutes
Offers user interview insights
Comprehensive user engagement analysis
LinkedIn integration
Chrome extension availability
GDPR ready
Slack community support
User-friendly for product designers
User-friendly for managers
Transcripts output in 100+ languages
Intuitive user interface
Customizable alerts
Saves more than 30min per interview


No offline functionality
Doesn't support all languages
No customizable emotional indicators
Lacks real-time transcription
Inadequate frequency notification settings
Over-reliance on internet connection
No dedicated mobile app
Limited integration with other tools
Inefficient for individual user interviews
No explicit data security features


How does Hellooo transcribe interviews?
What features does Hellooo provide for user interview analysis?
What languages does Hellooo support for transcription?
How does Hellooo handle various accents and dialects?
How does Hellooo generate insights from user interviews?
How does the emotional analysis feature of Hellooo work?
Can Hellooo identify patterns in qualitative data?
What type of companies frequently use Hellooo?
What professions commonly use Hellooo?
What type of insights can Hellooo provide about user engagement?
Can you record interviews directly through Hellooo?
Does Hellooo offer a feature for note-taking during interviews?
Can Hellooo make clips from user interviews?
How does Hellooo help streamline the process of user interviews?
Can Hellooo help me save time in processing and analyzing interviews?
In what format is the data presented in Hellooo?
What are user experiences with Hellooo's emotional analysis feature?
Can Hellooo analyze and find patterns across multiple interviews?
How can Hellooo assist in understanding user sentiments and emotions during the interviews?
Why do UX researchers prefer using Hellooo?

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