User interviews 2024-02-02
Collect customer insights at scale with our AI Research Assistant.
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Arro is an AI Research Assistant designed to augment product teams and provide insights at scale. It enables teams to conduct user interviews with thousands of customers simultaneously, generating product opportunities that can be integrated directly into the roadmap for development.

Arro adopts an innovative AI-led methodology to collect customer feedback, ensuring bridging the trade-off between scale and quality. This approach allows users to experience the depth of qualitative user interviews with the speed and scalability of automated surveys.

Arro features include easy setup for AI-powered conversations, the ability to embed conversations into websites or web apps, secure and safe AI conversations, and collaborative features including dedicated workspaces for inviting teammates.

Furthermore, Arro is designed for adaptive, multilingual, and customizable conversations which increases empathy and encourages detailed responses. Finally, Arro utilizes its AI capabilities to synthesize insights from responses, providing raw transcripts, summary of conversations, direct quotes, primary themes, and actionable recommendations based on conducted studies.


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Arro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Conducts user interviews simultaneously
Generates product opportunities
Easy setup for conversations
Embeddable conversations into websites
Built for team collaboration
Adaptive, multilingual, customizable conversations
Provides actionable recommendations
Offers raw transcripts
Summarizes conversations
Collates direct quotes
Identifies primary themes
Co-created with product teams
Unique link for each conversation
Integrates insights into development roadmap
Customizable tone of voice
Analysis feature for macro insights
Speaks over 50 languages


Lacks offline functionality
Limited integration options
Closed source
Unsuitable for sensitive subjects
No API for developers
Limited multilingual support
Lacks detailed customization
Delayed processing time
Dependent on internet connection
Lack of user privacy guarantees

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