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ByHype UX LTd.
Helps you close usability cases in no time
GPT welcome message: Ready to navigate UX research with precision?
Sample prompts:
How do I start with user interviews?
Best practices for surveys?
Analyze qualitative data tips?
Crafting a research report?
What is the best suitable research approach
How to analyse a moderated usability test?
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UX Detective is a GPT designed to guide and aid in tackling usability cases in a swift and efficient manner. It is developed by Hype UX Ltd and is deeply integrated with ChatGPT Plus platform.

The GPT is essentially a professional tool, purpose-built for navigating the UX research landscape with precision. UX Detective provides insightful answers to a variety of queries related to user experience research.

It offers starting points for engaging in user interviews, crafting research reports, and finding the best suitable research strategy. The tool also gives valuable insights on how to follow the best practices for surveys, as well as tips for analyzing qualitative data.Another notable feature of UX Detective is its capability to help users analyze moderated usability tests.

This expands its utility for usability experts who are not just looking for advice or suggestions, but also for practical assistance with their tests.In essence, UX Detective is a versatile, chatbot-like tool that serves as a catalyst for UX researchers and professionals, allowing them to find solutions to their usability inquiries and challenges in real-time.

User friendly and insightful, it is a valuable guide in the world of user experience research.


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UX Detective was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2023.
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