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Automates 1-on-1 conversations using AI.
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Ziggy is an AI tool designed to automate 1-on-1 conversations, replicating the human-like discourse and providing real-time analytics. It enables users to conduct interviews seamlessly with anyone at any time without scheduling restrictions, freeing up resources to focus on resolving customer issues more rapidly.

Ziggy's functionality extends to a wide range of feedback scenarios including customer, product, and employee feedback, market research, exit interviews, UI/UX testing, user research, event feedback, customer discovery, and policy feedback.

Ziggy's capabilities allow for in-depth conversations, aiming at improving customer retention through better understanding of their needs and feedback.

It features AI-powered questionnaires where users can establish the purpose and questions they want the AI to ask. Subsequently, shared interview links can be utilized by participants to interact with the AI.

Analyzing these responses can yield actionable insights into users' perspectives. Ziggy also provides sophisticated analytical tools to facilitate comprehension of users' preferences, and promotes team collaboration to generate optimal results.

With a natural language search feature, Ziggy allows for a comprehensive search of user responses, which it can summarize in a meaningful way, helping teams make informed decisions.

In this manner, Ziggy innovatively blends AI technology with a conversational approach to generate insightful feedback.


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Pros and Cons


Automates 1-on-1 conversations
Facilitates real-time analytics
No scheduling restrictions
Broad feedback scenarios
In-depth conversation capabilities
Shared interview links
Generates actionable user insights
Sophisticated analytical tools
Promotes team collaboration
Natural language search feature
Summarizes user responses
Improves customer retention
Applies to various sectors
Automated user interviews
Streamlines interview process
Easy to set up
Interview link sharing capability
Analyzes and understands user perspectives
Facilitates informed decision making
Conversational approach to feedback
Automated customer discovery
Policy feedback automation
UI/UX testing automation
Automated market research
Automated exit interviews
Collaborative tool
Comprehensive user response search
Automated customer, product, employee feedback


No multilingual support
Unavailable offline
No voice-based interaction
No real-time user support
Requires internet connectivity
Limited interview formats
Limited collaboration tools
No sentiment analysis
No integration with CRM
No mobile application


What is Ziggy?
How does Ziggy automate 1-on-1 conversations?
What types of interviews can I conduct using Ziggy?
Can Ziggy be used for customer, product, and employee feedback?
Can Ziggy conduct user, event, and policy feedback?
What analytics does Ziggy provide?
What is the purpose of AI-powered questionnaires in Ziggy?
Can I establish my own questions for Ziggy to ask?
How do shared interview links work in Ziggy?
Does Ziggy allow team collaboration?
What is the natural language search in Ziggy?
How does Ziggy utilize NLP (Natural Language Processing)?
Can I use Ziggy for market research and exit interviews?
How does Ziggy improve customer retention?
How does Ziggy summarize user responses?
Can I use Ziggy for UI/UX testing and user research?
Are there scheduling restrictions with Ziggy?
How does Ziggy support user research?
What actionable insights can I get from Ziggy?
Does Ziggy offer a free trial?

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