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Customer insights drive fast product discovery.
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Insight7 is an AI-powered tool designed to extract valuable insights from customer and employee interviews. It facilitates theme extraction from multiple interviews through bulk upload of documents or URLs, supporting various formats including video, audio, and text.

Key features include conversation recording, transcription, and analysis, enabling users to map insights to project goals and collaborate seamlessly within teams. With customization options, users can configure insight categories and taxonomies to align with specific business objectives.

Insight7 offers integration capabilities through APIs, allowing for seamless incorporation into existing workflows and tools. Managed services ensure secure data handling and confidentiality, while white-labeling options enable agencies and partners to service clients effectively.

Use cases span automated research, customer experience enhancement, and employee engagement analysis. By leveraging AI, Insight7 identifies trends, sentiment, and actionable insights from large-scale interview collections, enabling users to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and employee retention.

Insight7 boasts a user-friendly interface, facilitating easy visualization of insights through reports and dashboards, driving stakeholder alignment and decision-making. With enterprise-grade security measures and GDPR compliance, Insight7 prioritizes data privacy and protection throughout its operations. Trusted by numerous organizations, Insight7 accelerates qualitative analysis, streamlining processes and driving impactful outcomes for product teams, startups, consultants, researchers, and CX professionals alike.

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Mar 18, 2024
Insight7 helps us with customer, employee and stakeholder focus group interview analysis. Has a fantastic UX and saves us hours doing manual analysis!

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Pros and Cons


Customer insights 10x faster
Automates user research
Saves 40% on subscription
GDPR compliant
Prioritizes information safety
Single repository for data
Community access via LinkedIn/Slack
Free access for waitlist


No API integration mentioned
No multi-language support
Only integrates user research data
Limited community platform support
Subscription required for access
No dedicated customer support
Limited GDPR compliance information
Requires JavaScript for operation


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