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Delivering enterprise solutions for call center compliance and conversation intelligence.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered platform that provides enterprises with solutions for various applications in call centres including compliance, real-time conversation intelligence, and call sentiment analysis.

The platform offers both real-time and post-call analysis of discussions to provide actionable intelligence on customer conversations.'s services are not limited to specific industries, proving useful for financial services, insurance, healthcare, contact centers, and telecommunications among others.

Essentially, it assists businesses in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards by automatically screening and blocking non-compliant outbound calls.

Using advanced artificial intelligence, it offers real-time responses and post-call sentiment analysis while providing personalised results tailored to the organization's needs. also prioritises customer experience by allowing for faster responses with an added level of personalisation and service. Additionally, it aids businesses in identifying risks, trends, and patterns affecting business outcomes with data-driven insight.'s integrated solutions support agents by delivering real-time guidance needed for accurate, efficient, and empathetic customer conversations.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time Conversation Intelligence
Post-call Sentiment Analysis
Compliance Screening for calls
Tailored Personalised Results
Cross-industry functionality
Data-driven business insights
Real-time guidance for agents
Enhances Customer Experience
Assists in Risk Identification
Advanced Personalisation
Call Center Compliance
Real-time and post-call analysis
Faster responses
Integrated solutions
Automated Compliance
Supports range of industries
Empathetic customer conversations
Complaint outbound call blocking
Risk and trend identification
Automated DNC/TCPA/Collections Compliance
Tier-1 Carrier-grade Telephony
Script adherence
Call quality visibility


No multi-language support
Limited to call centers
No Physical workshops
No user community
Lack of third-party integrations
Caters mainly to enterprises
No free trial offered
No mobile application
No performance reports
Unknown update frequency


What is
How does use AI in its platform?
What industries does support?
What are the key features of
What is the purpose of's post-call sentiment analysis feature?
How does's system assist in business compliance?
Does offer real-time breaking news updates?
What are the benefits of using in call centres?
How does's system help identify risks, trends and patterns in business outcomes?
Can be tailored to organizational needs?
Does offer solutions specifically for customer experience?
What type of real-time guidance does provide to support agents?
What does mean by 'delivering enterprise solutions for call center compliance and conversation intelligence'?
What is's approach to customer conversations?
Is useful for financial services?
How can healthcare industry benefit from
How can help in maintaining regulatory standards?
What is's method for automatic screening and blocking of non-compliant outbound calls?
How does contribute to improving the customer experience?
How can aid businesses in identifying affects on business outcomes?


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