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User interviews analyzed and summarized.
Generated by ChatGPT

Looppanel is a user research tool that helps to turn user interviews into actionable insights. It allows users to upload their interview recordings, which can be in audio or video formats such as mov, mp4, mp3, m4a, wav, or aac.

The tool guarantees the privacy of the recordings, ensuring that no other human has access to them.Once the interviews are uploaded, Looppanel employs artificial intelligence to generate high-quality notes in just 10 minutes.

These AI-powered notes provide a quick and efficient way to summarize and extract key information from the interviews, eliminating the need for manual transcription and analysis.Looppanel is specifically designed for interviews conducted in English, which are less than one hour long and involve two or more speakers.

By focusing on these specific criteria, the tool aims to deliver accurate and relevant insights to users.The Looppanel team takes pride in their creation and the tool is made with love.

However, the description does not provide any further details about the team or their expertise.In summary, Looppanel is a time-saving and privacy-conscious tool that leverages artificial intelligence to transform user interview recordings into concise and actionable notes.

It simplifies the process of extracting insights from interviews, allowing researchers and teams to make more informed decisions based on the collected data.


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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple file formats
High-quality note generation
Quick processing time
Privacy of recordings
Designed for English interviews
Suitable for multi-speaker conversations
No need for manual transcription
Useful for user research
Enhances data-driven decision making
Aids in extracting actionable insights


Limited language support (English)
Only supports two speakers
Supports specific video/audio formats
Under 1 hour recording limit
Lack privacy policy details
Limited to interview notes
Requires JavaScript enabled
No team/expertise details


What is Looppanel?
How does Looppanel work?
What file formats does Looppanel support for upload?
What languages does Looppanel support?
Is there a maximum length for interviews processed by Looppanel?
How does Looppanel ensure the privacy of my recordings?
What can I expect from the AI-generated notes by Looppanel?
How long does it take for Looppanel to produce notes from an interview?
Is Looppanel suited for interviews with more than two speakers?
Can I use Looppanel if my recording is more than one hour long?
Does Looppanel work if my interview is not conducted in English?
How can Looppanel help in user research?
Can Looppanel be used without enabling JavaScript?
Why does Looppanel need JavaScript enabled?
How can Looppanel expedite my user interview analysis process?
Will the AI generated notes by Looppanel need further manual editing?
Does Looppanel offer a sample of what the AI-generated notes look like?
Who is the team behind Looppanel?
Can I drag and drop files in Looppanel?
What is BrewNote in relevance with Looppanel?

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