Coding 10 Nov 2020
Auto-generate code from human language.

Generated by ChatGPT

SourceAI is an AI-powered code generator that can generate code in any programming language from a human language description. It uses the most advanced AI technology, powered by GPT-3 and Codex, to simplify, find errors and fix them, and debug code.

It is open to all, including non-developers, and is straightforward and simple to use, having a clear and intuitive interface. It saves time in development, generating code in one-click, and users can use their time more efficiently.

For example, if you request a code to calculate the factorial of a number given by the user in Python, SourceAI will generate the code for you with explanations.

SourceAI also provides Documentation, About Us, Contact, FAQ, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and OpenAI links.

SourceAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates code from descriptions
Powered by GPT-3, Codex
Code debugging capabilities
Simplifies and fixes errors
Open to non-developers
Straightforward and simple use
Clear, intuitive interface
Time-saving in development
One-click code generation
Generates annotated code
Accessible support contact emails
Terms of Use available
Privacy Policy available
Generates various programming languages
Algorithmic problem solving


Cannot self-correct misunderstood requests
No multi-user collaboration
No offline functionality
No auto-complete feature
Lacks version control
No built-in code testing
No support for plugins
No customization options
No accessibility features
No integration with code repositories


What is SourceAI?
Can SourceAI generate code in any programming language?
How does SourceAI generate code from a human language description?
What technologies power SourceAI?
Can non-developers also use SourceAI?
How does SourceAI simplify and debug code?
How can SourceAI help in saving development time?
What information does SourceAI's Documentation provide?
How can I contact SourceAI for support or queries?
Does SourceAI provide any demo or examples?
How accurate is the code generated by SourceAI?
Can SourceAI understand complex human language descriptions?
How efficient is SourceAI in finding and fixing errors in the code?
What is the user interface of SourceAI like?
Does SourceAI comply with privacy policies?
What is SourceAI’s policy on Terms of Use?
Can SourceAI provide explanations along with generated code?
What do I do if SourceAI doesn't understand my request?
Is there any criteria or prerequisites to request access for SourceAI?
How is SourceAI contributing in the next-generation development?

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