Coding 21 Feb 2023
Google Colab Copilot
Automation of Google Colab workspace.

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Google Colab Copilot is a tool that enables users to automate their Google Colab workspace. The tool is implemented on Google Colab, allowing users to save time by avoiding the need to alt tab between windows or Github.

To set up the tool, users first need to copy the JavaScript from Github, replacing “YOUR OPENAI API KEY” with their OpenAI API key. This script then needs to be pasted into their console on Google Colab and setup instructions must be followed.

Once setup is complete, users can press Shift+Alt+Enteron Google Colab and the tool will be ready to be used. Google Colab Copilot is a useful tool that can help users save time and effort when automating their Google Colab workspace.


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