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Enhances developer collaboration and code communication.
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Unblocked is an AI-powered tool designed to facilitate seamless communication with your codebase, allowing developers to spend more time writing code and minimizing disruptions.

Trained on the systems commonly used in software development, Unblocked provides accurate answers to questions about your codebase.One of the key features of Unblocked is its ability to quickly locate specific information about your codebase.

It eliminates the need to manually search through documentation and historical conversations. By leveraging its knowledge, Unblocked offers precise and helpful answers to queries.

It can even respond to questions in Slack, mimicking the role of a team member.Unblocked also helps in understanding the context behind your codebase.

It compiles relevant conversations from various systems, such as source code repositories, messaging platforms, and bug trackers. This allows developers to gain insights into past discussions and decisions related to the code, providing a comprehensive understanding of the code's history.The tool offers video recording capabilities, enabling developers to share their knowledge with the team effortlessly.

These recorded videos are fully transcribed, and all referenced material, including source code and documents, is automatically captured and cited. This feature allows team members to navigate directly to relevant portions of the video for a more focused learning experience.With Unblocked, developers can benefit from a wealth of shared knowledge, bridging the gap between code, documentation, and team collaboration.

The tool employs industry-leading security measures, ensuring that customer data is isolated, encrypted, and never used to train shared models. It also supports integration with popular systems like GitHub, Slack, Jira, and others, making it easy to access hidden knowledge within existing tools.


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