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Assisted natural language programming.
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CodeAssist is an AI tool that offers a natural language chatbot interface for programming in Jetbrains IDEs and Visual Studio Code. With CodeAssist, users can talk to the chatbot just like they would talk to a human, and the tool can see and make changes to the code in the editor.

CodeAssist generates code completion from a user’s codebase, taking into account other files and functions/classes from other places in the codebase. The tool currently works with all popular programming languages.While CodeAssist has certain limitations, such as it might not always provide correct answers and can be slow when many users access it simultaneously, it provides a more concise answer than other chatbots such as ChatGPT.

The tool differentiates itself from GitHub Copilot by allowing users to talk to it and not trying to hide the standard completions from the IDE. Also, when generating code or a completion, CodeAssist takes more time but gives better results than Copilot.CodeAssist sends the code that it works with to its API and OpenAI API, who process and store the code for one month.

However, processed code is not stored on the server, and OpenAI only stores the code to provide and maintain its services, comply with applicable law, and enforce its policies.

Finally, CodeAssist is continually becoming more autonomous and capable, and users can stay informed of its improvements by submitting their email address.


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Pros and Cons


Natural language chatbot interface
Changes code in editor
Generates code completion
Considers entire codebase
Supports all popular languages
More concise than ChatGPT
Allows user interaction
Doesn't hide IDE completions
Improved results than Copilot
Code not stored on server
Works in Jetbrains IDEs
Works in Visual Studio Code
Continual improvements and updates
Processes individual and codebase files
Respects user data privacy


Might not always provide correct answers
Misinterprets user intention at times
Can be slow during high usage
Code is processed and stored externally
Setup and installation required
Limited to Jetbrains IDEs and Visual Studio
Relatively slower code generation
Possible privacy concerns

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