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Learn Python and code writing through QAs chat.
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Sample prompts:
how to write an abstract class
define a decorator
make a dictionary application with UI
explain the code
fix the code
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py-assistant is a GPT designed to facilitate writing code and enhancing understanding of Python language through Question & Answer (QA) style chats. It provides an interactive conversation interface to engage users in a coding dialogue, aiming to serve as a virtual teaching assistant for beginners and even experienced coders who may require help with Python.

Users can ask specific questions related to coding in Python, such as how to write an abstract class, define a decorator, or develop a dictionary application with a user interface (UI).

py-assistant also offers explanations for a given piece of code, and can assist in debugging by guiding users on how to fix issues in their code. This tool endeavors to close the learning gap through real-time instruction, making Python knowledge more accessible for every user, regardless of their coding proficiency.

py-assistant, as a GPT, requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, offering enhanced value for users looking for continuous learning and coding support in Python.

Note that the user interaction with py-assistant does not stop at seeking advice. The tool is also capable of fostering learning by posing challenges to users, providing an engaging experience for both novices and skilled professionals alike.


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