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Cross-platform Python coding expert.
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Fix this Python error:
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Write a python function that performs the following tasks:
Refactor this Python code:
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Python Pro is a GPT developed for Python coding assistance. It is an omnipotent tool crafted to facilitate cross-platform coding and debugging in Python.

Designed for both amateurs and pros, this GPT is capable of addressing a myriad of Python-related queries and tasks. For instance, if you are facing a coding error, you can type in, 'Fix this Python error:', followed by the description of your issue, and the GPT will strive to provide you with a solution.

Similarly, this GPT also provides an explanation of Python functions. Questions can be phrased in this format: 'Explain this Python function:', followed by the function you want to understand better.

Another prominent feature of Python Pro is that it can help write Python functions. User can specify the task at hand using the phrase, 'Write a Python function that performs the following tasks:', followed by detailing the tasks.

Besides this, Python Pro also aids in code analysis by improving the efficiency and readability of an existing piece of code. It does this through the refactoring feature, allowing users to input their code prefixed with 'Refactor this Python code:'.

Through these suitably designed response triggers, Python Pro aims to offer a comprehensive Python coding and debugging solution.


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