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Aids Python coders with direct answers and examples.
GPT welcome message: Hello! How can I assist with your Python code today?
Sample prompts:
How do I use list comprehensions?
Explain decorators in Python.
What's the best way to handle exceptions?
Show me an example of a Python class.
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Py Companion is a specialized GPT designed to assist Python coders. Its aim is to provide immediate and direct answers to coding queries, coupled with suitable examples to help coders understand better.

This makes it especially useful for new coders seeking additional help while programming in Python or experienced coders looking for unique ways to solve a problem.

Py Companion functions by offering feasible solutions when queried about various Python topics, such as list comprehensions, decorators, exception handling, and class creation.

One key feature of this tool is its interactive experience, allowing users to sign up and start a chat, making the process of finding solutions more engaging.

It's important to note that this tool requires ChatGPT Plus, indicating that it complements the existing capabilities of ChatGPT by narrowing its focus to Python-related questions.

This makes it an excellent platform for Python programmers aiming to troubleshoot, learn, and enhance their coding practices effectively.


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