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Natural language programming assistant for IDEs.
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CodeAssist is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEs that provides an AI assistant / chatbot / copilot for programming. It works with all popular programming languages and has a natural language interface, so you can talk to it like you talk to a human.

CodeAssist can generate, change, and complete code, and answer questions. It can see your code and make changes in the file that is open in the editor, and can execute actions like opening files or moving to other places in a file.

It is also capable of generating code, being aware of the code in other files in the codebase. The plugin is free and available for download through the JetBrains Marketplace.

It is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate, Community, Educational), Android Studio, and 15 additional IDEs. It is important to note that CodeAssist does not work offline and sends code to a server for processing and storage, so users should be aware of the terms of use and security policies before installing.

New features include natural language interface, continuity between consecutive messages/requests, ability to open files and move to another place in the file, and generation of code being aware of the code in other files.

To use CodeAssist, install the plugin, open the CodeAssist tool window, and type a programming-related question or natural language instruction in response to the prompt “How can I help you”.


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Pros and Cons


Plugin for IntelliJ IDEs
Provides chatbot for programming
Supports popular programming languages
Natural language interface
Generates, changes and completes code
Can open files in IDE
Can move to different locations in file
Generates code considering entire codebase
Continuity between consecutive messages
Free through JetBrains Marketplace
Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio and 15 more
Prompt based interaction
Can answer programming-related questions
Allows for follow-up questions
Reference to functions in other files
Easy installation
Completion feature using caret position
Shortcut keys for completion feature
Rating & Reviews available
Option to add keyboard shortcut
Option to send instructions message
Allows new line in message box


Doesn't work offline
Sends code to server
Unclear data storage practices
Potentially weak security policies
Inconsistent code generation
Limited file navigation capability
Might become paid
Lack of transparency about developer
Missing Terms of Use clarification
Needs explicit acceptance of Marketplace agreement


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Can CodeAssist execute actions like opening files or moving to other places in a file?
How can I install the CodeAssist plugin?
Is CodeAssist compatible with IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio and other IDEs?
Does CodeAssist work offline?
Why does CodeAssist send code to a server for processing and storage?
What are the new features of CodeAssist?
How does CodeAssist's natural language interface work?
How does the CodeAssist tool window work?
How can I generate code with CodeAssist?
Is the CodeAssist plugin free?
What can I do if my code doesn't execute correctly using CodeAssist?
What does it mean when CodeAssist is said to be 'aware' of the code in other files?
Does CodeAssist store my code on a server?
What are the terms of use and security policies for CodeAssist?
Why should I be aware of the Plugin Marketplace Agreement for using CodeAssist?
Can CodeAssist interact with the code in my codebase in a context-specific manner?

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