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ByTorsten Silovsky
An assistant for writing and optimizing SAP ABAP code
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I need help with database join in ABAP
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Coding Assistant is a GPT developed by Torsten Silovsky with a primary focus on assisting in writing and optimizing SAP ABAP code. The GPT is tailored to cater to the specific needs of ABAP coders.

It offers the ability to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from writing documentation for specific pieces of code to troubleshooting and fixing errors in code.

The Coding Assistant GPT provides valuable insights and recommendations on code optimization, making it a vital tool for ensuring efficiency and best practices in SAP ABAP coding.

Furthermore, it features the ability to assist in performing complex tasks such as database joins in ABAP. This means it can guide users on how to effectively combine data from more than one tables, an everyday task in most coding scenarios, thus saving valuable time and boosting productivity.

Upon initiation, the Coding Assistant greets its users with a friendly welcome message and invites them to ask their coding related questions. The prompts given are versatile and user-friendly, designed to optimize code, solve errors, and even conduct code reviews.

In order to access this GPT, users are required to have ChatGPT Plus. It implies that Coding Assistant can be very handy by offering extra layers of assistance facilities while coding.The Coding Assistant thus stands as a crucial tool for not just professional ABAP developers but also to those new to the programming world or exploring ABAP.

It operates as a 24/7 available guide, a personal coding assistant, and a mentor, which brings in code efficiency, less error-prone programs and continuity in coding process.


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