Code optimization 2023-10-17
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Software engineer for web application performance tuning.
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- Go is a GPT specialized in aiding software engineers with the performance tuning of web applications written in Go. It provides specific, knowledgeable assistance in identifying and optimizing slow SQL queries, providing guidance for introduction of performance monitoring tools like Datadog, and aiding in adapting code for use with Go's 'pprof' profiler package for application speed tuning.

The GPT aims to offer predominantly in-context, hands-on solutions for users, acting as a resource for efficiently ameliorating performance of Go-based web applications.

Users can easily begin their queries with potential prompt starters provided as per their needs such as 'Help me identify slow SQL queries', 'I want to introduce Datadog', or 'Assist me in rewriting code for 'pprof' introduction'.

Although it requires ChatGPT Plus for access, its applicability can prove to be a valuable component of the software engineering process, especially for those dealing with performance optimization in Go.

Note that this tool is called a 'GPT', as it's functionally similar to an app running on top of the ChatGPT platform.


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