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ByAdam Paul
Optimizing code for superior performance.
GPT welcome message: How can I assist with your code today?
Sample prompts:
Explain this code to me.
Analyze the runtime of these parts.
How can I optimize this section?
Rewrite this code for better performance.
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Code Optimizer is a GPT designed to improve the performance of coding projects, particularly in terms of runtime. This advanced AI utility allows users to input their code and receive suggestions for improvements that can lead to more efficient execution.

Its functionality extends from explanatory services to in-depth analysis of code runtime and suggestions for optimization. The tool can also rewrite sections of code for greater efficiency.

Code Optimizer's goal is to assist in enhancing the quality of code by making it run faster, without sacrificing the original coding intent and functionality.

It seeks to both inform and implement optimizations, making it an instrumental tool for programmers seeking to improve their work's efficiency. The interaction with Code Optimizer happens in a conversational manner, guided by prompts, such as 'Explain this code to me,' 'Analyze the runtime of these parts,' 'How can I optimize this section?' or 'Rewrite this code for better performance.' Accessibility of Code Optimizer requires ChatGPT Plus.


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