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Optimized code for accessible web products.
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Fix My Code is an AI-based tool offered by UserWay that aims to optimize code to meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards. With Fix My Code, users can paste their code or enter a command below, and UserWay's AI will enhance the code's accessibility and make it easier for individuals with disabilities to navigate.

The tool can help users create an accessible login form, popup or nav menu. It is important to note that users should not share any sensitive information while using this tool and should always thoroughly test their code before deployment.

The service is available in beta and offered by UserWay, with users agreeing to its terms of service and privacy policy before using it. Fix My Code is a useful tool for web or software developers looking to make their products more accessible and inclusive to users with disabilities.

It can reduce development time and optimize code to meet accessibility standards more efficiently. By making a concerted effort to promote accessibility, developers can expand their user base while improving the overall usability and quality of their products.


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Jun 25, 2023
Hi 👋🏻 It’s Userway, with an “r”. Who should I contact to correct this?

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Pros and Cons


Optimizes code for accessibility
Meets WCAG 2.1 AA standards
Promotes inclusive web products
Optimizes diverse website elements
Potential to expand user base
Improves product usability
Reduces development time
Contributes to product quality
Enforces thorough code testing
Avoids sharing sensitive information
Outputs optimized login forms
Outputs optimized popups
Outputs optimized nav menus
Has a beta version available
Terms of service and privacy policy clear
Integrates feedback system
Chat function available
Potential to promote accessibility effort
Accessible for various programming languages


Beta stage uncertainties
Privacy policy concerns
Terms of Service agreement mandatory
Potential security risks
Manual code entry requirement
Limited to WCAG 2.1 standards
No guarantee on optimization results
No code backup feature
Focused only on accessibility
Potential compatibility issues


What is Fix My Code?
How does Fix My Code optimize my codes?
What is WCAG 2.1 AA standard?
How does Fix My Code help to create an accessible login form?
How can Fix My Code assist me in making an accessible popup?
What can Fix My Code do to help me create an accessible nav menu?
What precautions should I make while using Fix My Code?
Do I need to test my code after using Fix My Code?
What is the connection between Fix My Code and UserWay?
Why is Fix My Code still in beta?
What should I know about the terms of service before using Fix My Code?
How does Fix My Code comply with privacy policies?
How does Fix My Code enhance the accessibility of web products?
How can Fix My Code help make my products more inclusive?
Can Fix My Code reduce development time?
Can Fix My Code improve the overall usability and quality of my products?
How can the use of Fix My Code expand my user base?
Does Fix My Code work with any programming language?
Is there a limit to the length/size of the code that I can paste into Fix My Code?
How can I give feedback on Fix My Code?

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