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Perfecting Swift development with AI.
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Sample prompts:
Hi SwiftAid, I'm beginning a new iOS app using Swift. Can you suggest a robust architecture and best practices to get started?
SwiftAid, I'm facing a bug in my application where the UI freezes. Could you help me identify potential causes and solutions?
"I have a piece of Swift code that seems to run slowly. SwiftAid, can you review it and suggest optimizations for better performance?
Hello SwiftAid, I heard about the latest Swift update. Can you explain the new features and how I can implement them in my current project?
SwiftAid, I'm writing a data persistence module for my app. Can you guide me on the best practices and efficient ways to handle data storage in Swift?
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Swift Developer is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) that is designed to optimize and facilitate Apple family software engineering with Swift. This GPT bases its solutions on industry's best practices and the guidelines from swift.org.

Some of its central offerings include providing efficient Swift code and simplifying complex programming concepts. It is an ideal tool for both understanding and optimizing iOS projects.

Swift Developer can assist with a range of tasks: from suggesting robust architecture for new iOS apps to providing potential causes and solutions for bugs that result in UI freezing.

The tool is also proficient in offering performance optimizations for Swift code that might be running slowly and explaining how to implement new features from the latest Swift updates.

Additionally, Swift Developer is equipped to guide developers on data persistence modules and the best practices for efficient data storage in Swift. This GPT, therefore, provides invaluable aid for beginners and experienced Swift developers alike, promoting efficient and organized development practices.


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