Coding 17 Dec 2021
An efficient way to produce high-quality code.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-accelerated software development tool that helps developers create high quality code quickly and easily. It features AI-autocomplete, which reduces the time spent on boilerplate and Stack Overflow coding, as well as production quality code with one click.

The tool also has prompt-driven development, allowing developers to give instructions to the AI to modify their code. Additionally, it offers test generation capabilities (coming soon), which automatically generates unit tests with AI and metaprogramming. works with VS Code, Jupyter, and GitHub, and can be integrated with existing workflows. It is available on the Visual Studio Marketplace, and users can book a demo to find out how it can improve their workflow.

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Pros and Cons


One-click production code
Prompt-driven development
Automatic test generation
Integration with VS Code
Integration with Jupyter
Integration with GitHub
Works within existing workflows
Visual Studio Marketplace availability
Live demo availability
Refactor, document, add types
Predictive coding assistance
Effortless code quality
Specialized neural networks
Prototype to production transformation
Artificial Intelligence to generate tests
Community support on Discord
Metaprogramming for tests
Workflow improvement capabilities
Works with various team sizes
Various pricing options


Limited platform compatibility
No built-in collaboration features
Test generation not ready
Dependency on other platforms
No mobile application
Lack of offline functionality
No language localization
No real-time coding assistance
No version history tracking


What is
How does help developers produce high-quality code?
What is AI-autocomplete featured by
Does work with other development tools like VS Code, Jupyter, and GitHub?
How can be integrated into existing workflows?
Can I test before purchasing?
Can I book a demo to learn more about
What is prompt-driven development in
What does test generation feature in do?
Is test generation feature already available in or it's still coming soon?
How does compare with other AI coding assistants?
How to install on VS Code?
Where can I find GitHub app?
Can really produce 'production quality code' with one click?
Does support automatic unit test generation?
What are the pricing options available for
Does have a community or support group I can join?
What platforms is available on?
What major programming languages does support?
How does's AI autocomplete differ from other tools like GitCopilot?

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