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ByLaurent Wattieaux
Your multilingual assistant for scripts and coding practices.
GPT welcome message: Bonjour! Comment puis-je vous aider avec votre code aujourd'hui?
Sample prompts:
Cree un script pour sauvegarder mon pc sous Windows 10
Comment implémenter la fonction suivante
Comment optimiser ce code?
Aide-moi à déboguer ceci.
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Code Companion is a multilingual programming assistant GPT that specializes in scripts and coding best practices. Extending the functionality of ChatGPT, Code Companion serves as a companion for both professional and aspiring developers in various programming languages.

It assists users in creating and optimizing scripts, implementing functions, and debugging code issues. Its flexibility and usefulness extend to providing advice regarding the most optimal and streamlined coding practices, helping users improve their coding proficiency.

Although it requires ChatGPT Plus, Code Companion provides value by facilitating effective coding practices and aiding in rectifying coding issues. Its 'Prompt Starters' feature provides customized prompts to guide users in areas such as creating a script to backup their Windows10 PC, implementing a particular function, optimizing code, and providing assistance with debugging tasks.

Whether you are an experienced programmer or a beginner, Code Companion can provide useful insights and help you navigate the world of coding effectively.


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