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ByCaeden Watkins
Helping you code and learn Python!
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to dive into some Python code?
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Explain a Python error I got
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Create a HTML template for a "Linktree" style static website. Use these color codes (#D2E0FB, #F9F3CC, #D7E5CA, #8EACCD). Add buttons for 3 links, space above the links for a round profile picture, name and description. Use CSS animations, and effects. Output in one 'html' file.
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Code Companion is a GPT aimed at assisting with coding and learning. It holds a unique proficiency in Python, although it is also versed in all other coding languages, web design, and several other tech-related domains.

Code Companion can parse complex Python errors, give tips, tricks and explain Python concepts in a simplified manner. It can also aid in producing output in a variety of formats, such as creating a HTML template for a 'Linktree' style static website, suggesting the use of specific color codes, the addition of buttons for links, space for a round profile picture, a name and a description, and the use of CSS animations and effects, with the final output being a 'html' file.

Interaction with the tool not only results in the completion of coding tasks but also enables learning in the process through its responsive guidance.

As the GPT aims at paving the road to self-competent coders, Code Companion could be viewed as a helpful resource while studying a new coding language or seeking to enhance your current understanding of one in a conversational and interactive way.

Please note that using this tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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