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I'm a programming whiz here to help with code!
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to dive into some code?
Sample prompts:
Debug my Java code.
Explain this Python function.
Help me with C++ classes.
Best practices in JavaScript?
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Code Companion is a GPT designed to assist with programming tasks. This tool, built on top of ChatGPT, serves as a handy companion for those tackling coding problems or wanting to learn more about various programming languages.

Whether users are experienced programmers or beginners just embarking on their coding journey, Code Companion provides useful guidance and support.Code Companion is equipped to explain functions, debug code, and help users understand complex programming concepts.

It supports a range of programming languages including Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, and possibly more. With prompt starters such as 'Debug my Java code', 'Explain this Python function', 'Help me with C++ classes', and 'Best practices in JavaScript', it provides tailored responses to specific coding queries and problems.This GPT acts as a virtual mentor that can not only help troubleshoot programming issues, but can also provide teaching and training, enabling users to learn best practices, grasp difficult programming principles, and improve their coding skills.

Users can ask about specific code snippets, get explanations on certain functions, or get advice on optimal practices in their programming tasks.To access Code Companion, one needs to be signed up to ChatGPT Plus.

It can be a useful tool for individual learners, developers looking for a helpful second opinion on their code, or educators seeking to provide additional, on-demand support for their students.

Though it can be useful in different settings, it is important to note that, like all models based on GPT, it also has its limitations and users are advised to evaluate the advice it provides critically.


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