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ByDanny Vu
Guiding developers towards efficient, clean code.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Code Mentor! Ready to enhance your coding skills with industry standards?
Sample prompts:
What are the best coding practices for beginners?
Can you explain the importance of code readability?
How do I maintain coding standards in a team?
Refactor this block of code for me?
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Coding Connoisseur is a GPT designed to assist developers in the production of efficient, high-quality code. It provides guidance about best coding practices, offering a focus on writing clean and consistent code.

The tool uses the power of ChatGPT to offer insights about coding standards and the significance of readable code.The GPT functions as a kind of mentor for both novice and experienced developers, helping them refine their coding skills to match industry standards.

It is an interactive tool that allows users to ask questions or start discussions on a broad range of coding-related topics. Sample prompts include inquiries about the best coding practices for beginners, explanations about the importance of code readability, and advice on maintaining coding standards within a team environment.

This GPT also offers a unique feature where users can ask for aid in refactoring blocks of code, providing a hands-on learning experience. To use Coding Connoisseur, users are required to sign up for ChatGPT Plus.

Coding Connoisseur, therefore, serves as an invaluable educational resource for those keen on enhancing their coding knowledge and skills, streamlining their coding process, and producing high-quality, efficient code.


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