Coding mentorship 2023-10-16
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ByRaul Pichardo Avalo
Senior Engineer assisting in code and tech.
GPT welcome message: Hello! How can I assist with your coding today?
Sample prompts:
Review my code snippet.
Optimize this function.
Explain this DevOps process.
Suggest a tech stack.
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You Can Code Mentor is a GPT that provides guidance and assistance in coding and technology-related tasks. The tool is designed to help users with various coding needs, whether its reviewing a chunk of code, suggesting optimizations for a function, or explaining a specific DevOps process.

By acting as a Senior Engineer, the tool offers users the chance to learn from an AI mentor that has expertise in coding, thus enhancing their learning experience and proficiency in coding.The GPT also boasts of providing support to users who are deciding on the best tech stack to use for a specific project.

Due to its versatile nature, users can leverage it regardless of their level of coding experience, making it a suitable tool for beginners as well as experienced developers.

Apart from providing code-based instructions and advice, the You Can Code Mentor tool also creates an interactive environment for users. With features such as prompt starters, users have a chance to engage with the tool in a more conversational manner.

Depending on their needs, they choose their query format and get personalized suggestions. This GPT is an app that runs on top of ChatGPT, requiring a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

It aims to be an accessible and efficient solution for coding assistance, providing users with the expertise of a Senior Engineer without the human overhead.


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