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ByPierre-Luc Dubeau-Dubois
Expert in programming, code generation, explanation, and data conversion.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm here to help with your coding tasks.
Sample prompts:
Show how to make an HTTP request in Python.
Explain this Python code snippet using deepsparse.
Write a docstring for a Python function for a GET request.
Convert this Python print statement to JavaScript.
Convert a JSON object into XML format.
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Code Helper is a GPT engineered to be proficient in multiple areas related to programming, which include code generation, clarifying coding concepts, and data conversion.

As a valuable tool under the branches of ChatGPT, its designed to lend a hand in several coding tasks, featuring an understanding of various programming languages and their operations.

Code Helper can guide users through crafting HTTP requests in Python, simplifying complex Python code snippets, generating quality Python docstrings for functions, and even translating Python syntax to JavaScript.

Beyond code generation and understanding, Code Helper also offers the skill of data conversion, illustrated by its aptitude in transforming JSON objects into XML format.

It operates alongside ChatGPT Plus and has a straight-forward signup process to access its functionalities. Providing a promising platform for both novice and seasoned programmers, Code Helper promotes efficient problem solving and enhanced comprehension of various coding tasks and programming languages.


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