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ByTihomir Selak
Friendly Expert in Advanced Dev Technologies.
GPT welcome message: Hi there! Excited to tackle advanced dev topics with you.
Sample prompts:
Advanced Rust integration strategies?
Complex Node.js system interactions?
High-level TypeScript optimization?
Sophisticated React component design?
PowerShell for complex Windows system management?
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Coder is a GPT designed to engage with users on advanced development technologies. Developed by Tihomir Selak, this GPT aims to support developers on a wide range of tech-related topics.

Leveraging the base capabilities of ChatGPT, Coder facilitates in-depth discussions on complex technical matters and provides insights and potential solutions to coding dilemmas.

The purpose of this tool is to tackle challenging topics in the development domain. Some prime examples of topics that can be discussed include advanced Rust integration strategies, complex system interactions using Node.js, high-level TypeScript optimization, sophisticated React component design, and PowerShell application for intricate Windows system management.

To use Coder, one would require a ChatGPT Plus subscription, suggesting that Coder operates as a premium feature within the ChatGPT framework. Upon engaging with Coder, users are greeted with a welcome message expressing enthusiasm to tackle advanced development topics.Overall, Coder serves as a valuable extension to ChatGPT, providing specialized information for advanced developers.

Its expertise ranges from system interaction and component design to complex system management, making it an asset for anyone looking to explore or further their advanced programming skills.


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