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Code editor with code automation and deployment.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that provides developers with a co-programmer powered by GPT-4 technology. The tool allows users to access a command line and code editor, enabling them to interact with the AI co-programmer directly.

With, developers can create custom workflows and utilize AI to streamline or automate tasks. The tool also offers the ability to analyze any codebase and ask the AI co-programmer questions about it, making it easier to understand code and obtain insights.

Additionally, includes a feature where users can ask the AI to add or update code, and it will scan the codebase and make the requested changes.

These changes can be viewed side by side on a cloud-based VScode editor, and adjusted or committed as necessary. Furthermore, automates DevOps by using AI to provision developers' dev environments as required, which saves time and effort. offers a free trial with no credit card required, and several pricing plans that include varying amounts of GPT-4 credit, VCPU, memory, storage, and VS code cloud IDE capabilities.

Users can sign up for the basic plan, which includes 20 dollars per user per month and offers 2 VCPUs, 1GB memory, and 30GB storage. aims to make the development process more streamlined and efficient through its AI-powered co-programmer, enabling developers to work smarter and faster.


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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 technology
Command line access
Code editor integration
Custom workflow creation
Automation of tasks
Codebase analysis feature
Ability to request code changes
Cloud-based VScode editor
DevOps automation
Provision dev environment
Free trial available
No credit card required
Variety of pricing plans
Includes GPT-4 credit
Offers varying VCPUs
Allocation of memory
Storage provision
VS code cloud IDE capabilities
$20 user/month basic plan
Streamlining development process
Efficiency enablement
Real dev workstation access
Automated set up post-signup
Side-by-side code change review
Instant dev environment setup
Public and private repo analysis


No upgrade path available
Can't port personal VM
Code analysis might be restrictive
Requires command line familiarity
Dependent on cloud-based VScode
Limited GPT-4 credit
Constrained VCPU and memory
Limited storage
Automated code changes may be imprecise
Only one basic plan available


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What is the GPT-4 technology used in
How can I interact with the AI co-programmer in
How can streamline or automate my tasks?
What does mean by custom workflows?
How does the code analysis feature in work?
Can update or add code in my codebase?
What is cloud-based VScode editor in
How does automate DevOps?
What is involved in the provision of my dev environment by
Do I need a credit card to start the free trial in
What are the pricing plans offered by
What are the benefits of the basic plan in
How does AI co-programmer in help in development process?
Can analyze any kind of codebase?
How can I ask questions about codebase in
What is the storage capacity offered by
Can I view the changes made by AI side by side on
What is the memory limit in the basic plan of
How can speed up my development process?

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