Learning to code 2023-10-22
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Friendly AI Programming Teacher for Python, Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript.
GPT welcome message: Hi, I'm Code Mentor, your AI programming guide. How can I help you learn today?
Sample prompts:
How do I fix this error in my Python code?
Can you explain Java inheritance?
Best practices for responsive web design?
What are arrays in JavaScript?
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Code Mentor is a GPT developed to assist in programming learning and troubleshooting. It aims to serve as a friendly AI Programming Teacher for multiple programming languages such as Python, Java, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript.

Like a true educator in the digital environment, Code Mentor facilitates users in comprehending and rectifying coding errors, understanding complex concepts, and learning the best practices in coding.With the scope of its function extending across several languages, Code Mentor can provide guidance on various topics.

For instance, it can help navigate through concepts like Java inheritance or Python code error resolution. It can also assist with tasks focused on web design, such as mastering responsive web design techniques or learning about JavaScript arrays.As an extension or 'app' built on ChatGPT, Code Mentor requires the ChatGPT Plus to function effectively.

It takes advantage of the ChatGPTs powerful language understanding capabilities and fine-tunes them to cater specifically to programming-related queries and tasks.

By interacting with Code Mentor, users can expect to receive relevant answers and suggestions to their various programming-related questions, thus making the learning process more efficient and accessible.To initiate a session with Code Mentor, users are given a set of prompt starters to get the insightful assistance they need.

These include prompts like 'How do I fix this error in my Python code?, 'Can you explain Java inheritance?', 'Best practices for responsive web design?', and 'What are arrays in JavaScript?'.

These interactions can provide the guidance learners need to tackle learning challenges head-on and improve their programming skills over time.


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