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Use Happy Wizard for Your Coding!
GPT welcome message: Greetings, coder! Ready for some magical coding assistance with Wizardon?
Sample prompts:
Suggest a creative coding task for me.
Can you help me debug this JavaScript function?
I have a UI mockup. Can you create the HTML for it?
How do I convert this pseudocode into Python code?
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WIZARDON is a GPT designed to assist users in their coding journey. It operates on top of OpenAI's language model, ChatGPT, and requires its Plus subscription to use.

This AI tool aims to support coders in various tasks. From debugging JavaScript functions, helping create HTML from a UI mockup, to converting pseudocode into Python code, WIZARDON is intended to be a developer's magical coding assistant.

Developed by community builders, this model guides its users in an interactive and engaging manner. WIZARDON is not just about solutions. It is about providing a creative and insightful process that is designed to enhance coding skills.

This tool prompts and encourages the user to undertake creative coding tasks also. Therefore, both beginner coders seeking to learn and understand, as well as more experienced coders looking for constructive assistance, will find this GPT to be a beneficial inclusion in their development toolkit.

With WIZARDON, coding assistance is not limited to a particular language or task - it's a multi-functional tool aimed at assisting with various coding-related queries and problems that a user might encounter.

This tool broadens the scope of AI application in development, underlining the potential of using machine learning models to augment human coding capabilities.


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