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ByDavid Li
Coding assistant for JSON, base64, and Mermaid charts.
GPT welcome message: Hello, how can I assist you with your code today?
Sample prompts:
Convert this JSON to TypeScript.
Encode this string to base64.
Generate a flow chart for this process.
Decode this base64 string.
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Code Companion is a GPT designed to provide assistance with various coding tasks encompassing JSON, base64, and Mermaid charts. Specifically, this tool is aimed at simplifying the process of coding by providing functions such as JSON to TypeScript conversion, base64 string encoding and decoding, and Mermaid chart generation for processing flowcharts.

Primarily, the GPT operates by offering prompt starters, which act as commands to carry out specific tasks. The Code Companion essentially functions as an interactive helping hand, designed to facilitate and speed up coding tasks.

The tool is available upon signing up to ChatGPT Plus. Users simply instruct Code Companion through textual instructions and the GPT responds accordingly, offering crisp, clean, and accurate outputs.

Given its functionalities, Code Companion can be an invaluable tool for those working with coding languages and charts on a regular basis. Using this tool could not only save developers valuable time but also provide them with a seamless coding experience.


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