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Code assistant aiding coding queries & suggestions.
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Cody is an AI code assistant that is designed to help developers write code and find answers to their coding questions. It utilizes Sourcegraph's code graph and Large Language Models (LLMs) to provide assistance.

Cody has the ability to read through your entire codebase and other external resources like open-source code and StackOverflow questions to offer suggestions and answers based on prior knowledge.Some key features of Cody include:1.

Chatbot that knows your code: Cody can write code and answer questions related to your project's codebase, following your coding standards and architecture better than other AI chatbots.2.

Fixup code: Cody can interactively write and refactor code based on quick natural-language instructions provided by the developer.3. Recipes: Cody can generate unit tests, documentation, and more, considering the context of your entire codebase.4.

Experimental completions: Cody can provide suggestions as you code.Cody can be used in various ways, such as through the Cody app, as an editor extension for VS Code and JetBrains, or by connecting it to a Sourcegraph enterprise instance.

Developers can chat with Cody in the editor or the Sourcegraph sidebar to ask questions or provide fixup instructions. Cody will provide responses based on the code files it has read, and if it gives incorrect answers, feedback can be shared to help improve its accuracy.Overall, Cody aims to reduce toil and enhance developers' productivity by providing reliable code assistance and answering coding queries based on its extensive knowledge base.

Sourcegraph Cody was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chatbot knows your code
Interactive code writing and refactoring
Generates unit tests and documentation
Assistive code suggestions
App for code local on device
VS Code and JetBrains extensions
Integrated with Sourcegraph enterprise instance
Chat interface in editor or sidebar
Feedback for response improvement
Generates code answering queries
Follows your coding standards
Uses your project's architecture
Considers codebase context
Translates natural-language instructions
Improves variable names
Translates code to different languages
Summarizes recent code changes
Detects code smells
Generates release notes
Enterprise and open source enabling
Troubleshooting guide available
Configurable code graph context


Requires feedback for accuracy
Limited editor extensions
JetBrains extension is experimental
Limited to Sourcegraph enterprise
Requires full codebase access
Dependency on open-source data
Limited to pre-defined recipes
Depends on existing coding conventions
Context dependent fixup instructions
Relies on Sourcegraph's code graph


What is Sourcegraph Cody?
How does Cody utilize Sourcegraph's code graph and Large Language Models?
What makes Cody different from other AI chatbots?
How can Cody interactively write and refactor code?
Can Cody generate unit tests and documentation?
What are experimental completions in Cody?
How can Cody be used in various ways?
What platforms can Cody be integrated with?
What happens when Cody provides incorrect answers?
How can Cody enhance developer productivity?
What kind of resources does Cody read to offer suggestions and answers?
How does Cody follow coding standards and architecture?
Can Cody generate code?
How can I provide fixup instructions to Cody?
Can Cody be used in JetBrains?
What is the significance of Sourcegraph enterprise instance?
How does Cody assist with coding queries and suggestions?
Does Cody work in real-time?
What kind of feedback does Cody accept?
What is Sourcegraph's code graph?

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